What Was the First Coffee Shop in Amsterdam?

coffee shop
Photo by Nafinia Putra on Unsplash

What was the first coffee shop in Amsterdam?

The history of coffee in The Netherlands is one that holds many intriguing mysteries. It is believed that they brought coffee from Java during the 16th century, setting off a fascinating timeline.

One of the world’s most renowned and iconic coffee houses can be found in Milan: Cafe Chris. Established as the first steam brewer in the early 17th century, this iconic cafe still serves up a mean cup of Joe to this day.

Starbucks’ European headquarters and roasting plant on the banks of the Rhine are iconic landmarks in the coffee world. Here, it employs over 200 partners (employees) and boasts impressive green credentials such as UTZ certification for some of its sustainably farmed coffee beans.

For caffeine enthusiasts, the 430 square meter Starbucks lab on Rembrandtplein is worth visiting. Decorated with antique Delft tiles, bicycle inner tube walls and the iconic ‘Delfts blauw’ mural, it promises an eye-catching experience. Notable features include Europe’s first Clover(r) brewing machine as well as an innovative approach to social media and a new app that puts customers in control of their store experience.