Facts About Morocco That Will Surprise You

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
“The Kingdom of Morocco is a country in North Africa,” Wikipedia says. This place is full of surprises and amazing things that you couldn’t even imagine. What are they?

Morocco has surfing

You can go surfing here by staying at the Surf Hostel Imsouane Morocco. Comfortable transfer, hotel accommodation with meals, interesting excursions and educational lessons will be included for you.
Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash
The surf season in Morocco lasts all year round, but the highest waves are from November to April. For beginners and amateurs, the time of year does not matter – Surf Camp Imsouane Morocco will meet you any time of a year. Surfers need a wetsuit, as the water in the Atlantic Ocean is cold at this time of year. Most houses do not have heaters, so be prepared to sleep under two blankets in winter. The beach season starts in May and ends in October. Summer in Morocco can be really hot, in July and August the temperature reaches +35 °C.

If you are invited to visit

Moroccans are quite hospitable: they will give you green leaf tea and feed you batin djaan (oranges with fried eggplant) or chicken tagine. They may even offer you a drink of wine (only not during Ramadan – it is strictly observed here), since Morocco is a wine-producing country.
But they observe some traditions that are often unfamiliar to tourists. For example, when visiting, you should not praise something, because the Moroccan will have to give it to you in order to protect himself from the evil eye.
beach in morocco
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Snow and desert

Morocco is always associated with desert sands, unbearable heat and drought, however, this country has quite good supplies of fresh water, and there is even snow in the mountains! Morocco can easily accept tourists to ski resorts.