What to Do in El Gouna Egypt & Hurghada for Couples Honeymoon Afternoon?

fountain in hurghada
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Discover the most beautiful tours suitable for honeymoon couples in the afternoon, so you can discover archaeological sites in Hurghada, swim in the water, ride camels and parachutes, and more excitement.

  • Valley Of The Kings Tour or Overnight Trip to Luxor.
  • Hurghada To Pyramids Day Trip by Bus, Minvan.
  • Orange bay Island Snorkeling Trip or Paradise Island.
  • Dolphin House Snorkeling day Tour or Scuba Diving Boat Trip for beginners.
  • Sunset Quad Biking Tour or Super Jeep Safari Trip.
  • Parasailing or Horse Riding.
  • Sindbad Submarine Tour or Royal Seascope Submarine Cruise.
  • Grand Aquarium Tour or Makadi Water World.
popular pyramids
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Visit The valley of the kings

  • Discover the secrets of the tombs of the Pharaohs in Jebel Qurna, how the cemetery was built and carved inside the mountain, how the Mummy was buried in the royal coffins, what are the most important tombs in the valley, and what are the Coffin Texts inside the cemetery.
  • If you are eager to know the secrets of theTomb of Tutankhamun, how did Egyptology and antiquities Howard Carter discover it, and what are the inscriptions and drawings on the walls to tell us the secrets of King Tutankhamun life, you can buy a ticket to enter the tomb from the box office with cash or your credit card.
  • The guide will explain the secrets of building the Valley of the Kings and why this place was chosen and a lot of historical facts, then he will leave you alone to enter the tombs to film with your mobile phone without flash the drawings of the pharaohs on the walls, which still maintain their quality until now.
  • Flash is not permitted inside the cemetery. You can buy a camera ticket at the box office.
  • There are closed tombs under restoration and unfinished tombs.
  • Ticket all You visit 3 Pharaonic Tombs as you like “Tomb of King Ramses V, Tomb of King Ramesses I, Tomb of King Ramesses X, Tomb of King Ramesses XI, Tomb of King Ramesses III”.
  • After visiting the Pharaonic tombs, you will discover secrets and historical facts about Funerary beliefs in ancient Egypt, Sculpture in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptian Religion, Aaru, Architecture in ancient Egypt, The Art of Painting in Ancient Egypt.

After the end of the tour, the guide takes you to shop inside the bazaars and the Alabastra factory to buy souvenirs. “If you do not want to enter or buy, you can wait in the Minivan.”

hurghada buildings
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Why choose Hurghada Excursions Lovers to book Sindbad Submarines Tour?

  1. Providing Private Transportation, comfortable modern model cars or minivans from all El Gouna resorts.
  2. Competitive prices and 5-star service throughout the trip.
  3. Online follow-up via WhatsApp, from boarding the car to returning to the hotel.
  4. We offer you to take another short excursion, such as Parasailing Tour ”riding a parachute for 8min” in the new Hurghada Marina, which is excellent for the honeymoon couple, or a trip to the Grand Aquarium Museum, which is excellent for children and families.
  5. Our goal is your comfort and enjoyment of the trip with family and friends, not money.
  6. Distinguished Pharaonic gifts for everyone.