5 Reasons to Go to Amsterdam

amsterdam in summer
Photo by Eirik Skarstein on Unsplash

Amsterdam offers a plethora of reasons to visit, from its UNESCO-protected canal belt to the vibrant cultural scene. Furthermore, Amsterdam provides an ideal work-life balance and generous tax benefits for expats.

Why not get involved in your local community?

There are plenty of online and physical events that bring global minds together. Attend a networking event, attend a meet-up or attend a conference to make new connections!

Plus, come join our friendly community of expats and explore all that this city has to offer!

The Jordaan Neighborhood:

The Jordaan is one of Amsterdam’s most charming and atmospheric neighbourhoods. Here, you’ll find independent art galleries and antique stores as well as cozy bars and restaurants to relax in. It truly feels like being lost in time!

The Rijksmuseum:

Boasting the largest collection of Dutch art, the Rijksmuseum is a must-visit. Plus, their expert art historian guide will show you all the hidden gems within the museum – including Rembrandt’s famed Night Watch!

Hortus Botanicus:

Established as a medicinal herb garden, Hortus Botanicus is now one of the world’s oldest and most impressive botanical gardens. Here you’ll find transparent butterflies and Persian ironwoods aplenty; if you visit during April, don’t miss out on seeing its vibrant bulb fields come alive!

Amsterdam, although a small city, boasts an incredibly diverse population. About half its citizens are native Dutch; however, significant minorities come from elsewhere in Europe and non-European countries as well. Recently, an increasing number of people have migrated to the Netherlands from Indonesia and Suriname.