Which Famous Artists House in Amsterdam Has Been Converted to an Art Museum?

art museum in amsterdam
Photo by Liam McGarry on Unsplash

Which famous artists’ house in Amsterdam has been converted to an art museum?

For an unforgettable glimpse into history, Rembrandt House is a must-visit. Home to the famous 17th century Dutch artist in 1672, it was converted into a museum in 1911 in order to preserve both his work and example of 17th century Dutch architecture.

Amsterdam’s street art scene is vibrant, offering visitors a range of ways to discover it – from squatting buildings to STRAAT, the largest street art museum worldwide. Situated at NDSM Wharf, STRAAT houses an expansive collection of large-scale murals created by international street artists.

No matter the style you prefer, Amsterdam’s parks are packed with captivating artwork that will keep visitors coming back for more! In Rembrandtpark, giant puppies peer over the bridge on Postjesweg while in Erasmuspark visitors are sure to delight in a marble polar bear sculpture.

Another popular sight is Jean-Michel Othoniel’s AIDS monument Living by Numbers, designed as a tribute to those affected by the disease and featuring an abacus made with hand-blown glass beads.

In the city centre, there are a range of exhibition spaces offering cutting-edge artwork from international artists. Punt WG showcases multidisciplinary art exhibitions both as part of curatorial programs and as short solo shows by individual creators; PS is another experimental space that explores sociopolitical topics through experimental art practices.