How Far Is Amsterdam Airport From City Center?

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How far is Amsterdam Airport from City Center?

From the airport, there are several ways to get into the city centre. These include renting a car, taking public transport such as buses or trains, or hailing a taxi.

Taxis are the quickest and most convenient way to get from Schiphol Plaza airport to Amsterdam’s city center. At these official taxi ranks, you can hire one after your flight has landed. On average, rides to Schiphol Plaza take around 20 minutes on average; however, wait times may extend during peak travel periods.

NS trains from Amsterdam Airport to Central Station are an excellent option for getting into town. You can take one from the airport in just 16 minutes and arrive at your destination via train.

You can take the bus to get to the city center, though this will take more time than using a taxi or taking the train. A single ticket costs 5EUR and takes 35 minutes.

The Amsterdam Public Transport Ticket is another viable option, providing unlimited travel on all of Amsterdam’s public transportation networks. Plus, it enables you to add on the Airport Express Bus return journey from/to the airport.

Bicycles are an excellent option for getting into the city center, as there are numerous cycle paths around it that are well marked and safe. These flat and well-kept paths make cycling into town a breeze, providing a hassle-free journey.