When is the Best Time to Visit Amsterdam?

view on amsterdam
Photo by Bart Ros on Unsplash

Finding the ideal time to visit Amsterdam can be tricky due to its culturally rich heritage, but if you don’t mind some rain or snow, then it’s a great destination for an affordable holiday. The best times to visit are April through May when tulip season takes hold and September and October when temperatures remain comfortable but not as crowded as in July and August.

In the springtime, canals are lined with blooming flowers – making for a picturesque cruise or one of many outdoor events held during this period.

If you’re a fan of cafe culture, fall is an ideal time to visit, especially if you plan on dining out at some of the unique restaurants and bars around town. Many establishments have patios outside during this period which makes for perfect soaking up some sun.

December is an ideal time to visit Amsterdam, as it’s one of the busiest months for Christmas markets and there’s also an annual light festival taking place throughout the month where art installations are showcased throughout Amsterdam’s city center. You can explore these artworks on your own or take a cruise along the canals and get up close and personal!

Winter in Amsterdam is often the cheapest time to travel, with plenty of events taking place, like Christmas markets and light festivals, or ice skating on Museum Square. Plus, many of Amsterdam’s museums are free-to-enter during this period – making it the ideal time for sightseeing if museums are on your list!