What Language Do They Speak in Amsterdam?

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Photo by Hannah Wright on Unsplash

What Language Is Spoken in Amsterdam?

Are you an American working or relocating to Amsterdam and wondering which language people speak there? Fortunately, most Dutch residents can communicate in English. In fact, according to recent research, Amsterdam ranks among the best non-native English speaking cities worldwide.

The Netherlands is a land of remarkable diversity, and you may be struck by the variety of Dutch accents you hear around you. While most Dutch speakers speak a low Franconian Hollandic common dialect, there are other languages spoken widely throughout the Netherlands as well.

You may hear some Frisian, a Germanic language spoken primarily in the southern part of Germany. Additionally, other regional languages like Papiamento are derived from Portuguese and African languages.

Knowing the language

Before moving to The Netherlands, it is essential that you learn Dutch. Not only will this make navigating the city simpler, but it will also allow you to make the most of your time in Amsterdam.

Acquiring a Job in Amsterdam

In addition to learning the Dutch language, you’ll need to become acquainted with the local work culture. The first step is obtaining a work permit through the public employment service of Amsterdam; once this document has been obtained, you can begin searching for employment opportunities here.