What is There to Do in Amsterdam?

flowers beside the amsterdam
Photo by Catalina Fedorova on Unsplash

Amsterdam offers so much fun – here is our pick of the best!

For art connoisseurs or history buffs alike, Amsterdam boasts many fascinating museums. The Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum and Van Gogh Museum are the must-visits, but don’t forget to check out Anne Frank Museum for an extraordinary glimpse into life during World War II.

One must-visit is the stunning West Church (Westerkerk). It’s one of Amsterdam’s most photographed churches, boasting a tower that stands at 85 meters high – one of its tallest structures in the city.

Take some beautiful photos of the Old Town and canals during December when there are usually fewer people around so you can really take your time.

If you are visiting Amsterdam during wintertime, why not consider booking a cruise along its canals? Not only will this give you an awesome view of Amsterdam from above but it will also teach you some history about its past!

Take a stroll through one of Amsterdam’s oldest inner-city parks, Begijnhof. It is an idyllic area that may have been missed due to all the noise and bustle in the busy city centre.

The best part of the park is Play Island! Kids can ride on a rope-drawn ferry to this island and the park itself is built on water – truly remarkable!