How to Get to Keukenhof Gardens From Amsterdam

tulip garden
Photo by Matt Shalvatis on Unsplash

Keukenhof gardens from Amsterdam offer an easy and convenient day out in the Netherlands. Whether you’re just passing through or planning to stay for several days, visiting these tulip gardens is just a short drive away in either direction – city center or by car!

How to get to Keukenhof from Amsterdam

The most efficient and time-saving way to reach the tulip garden from Amsterdam is by car. There are various rental car services nearby, making for a smooth drive.

You can book a guided tour that includes transport from and to the tulip gardens, but be sure to reserve your place ahead of time. These tours come highly recommended and are an excellent way to save time.

How to get to Keukenhof Gardens from Amsterdam with a bike

If you’re searching for an easy and cost-effective way to reach the tulip gardens from Amsterdam, renting a bicycle is your best bet. You can either rent one at the entrance of the gardens, or join a local bike tour that takes you around its fields for several hours.

How to get to Keukenhof with a bus

The most popular way of traveling from Amsterdam to the tulip gardens is taking a bus transfer. Buses departing from Amsterdam, Schiphol, and Leiden will transport you directly to the gardens.

When visiting during weekends or school holidays, it’s best to arrive early. Gardens tend to become very crowded later in the day.