How Many Days to Spend in Amsterdam

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There is plenty to explore and enjoy in Amsterdam, but how long you spend there depends on your travel requirements. For instance, if planning a quick trip or having limited time, three days might be enough time to explore this Dutch capital.

Three days in Amsterdam are not only enough to explore Amsterdam’s top sights and attractions, but it’s also an opportunity to get under the skin of Dutch culture. Explore some of its most iconic provinces, take in its fascinating history, and sample some delectable treats.

Tulips are at their most vibrant in April and May, so if you’re visiting The Netherlands during this period, consider booking an extra day to explore Keukenhof – one of the world’s largest flower gardens. Although it may require some effort on your part, the trip will be well worth it!

If you are planning a holiday trip to the Netherlands in December or January, make sure you plan for the Amsterdam Light Festival. This annual event transforms Amsterdam’s canals into an enchantment in wintertime.

Experience the light installations through various means, such as boat tours and cruises or walking along riverbanks and admiring them from afar. There are also other activities like ice skating or visiting Christmas Markets.

Another option is booking a tour that visits Anne Frank House, one of the most renowned sites related to Dutch resistance during World War II. To ensure you don’t miss out on this historical site during peak summer months, book your tickets at least two months in advance.